About the Author

 Christopher lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with his wife Cindy and their 24-toed cat, Bigfoot. He enjoys listening to rock music, but switches to jazz or big band when it's time to get down to work.

Not one to sit still for very long, Christopher is in the gym three days a week and if the weather's nice and time permits, he'll take a 4-hour walk just for fun. During football season, Christopher is often found in the stands at McMahon Stadium, cheering on the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League.

Although he enjoys writing, Christopher never set out to write an entire book, it just happened. That is, if you could refer to a project that took 11 years to complete as something that "just happened".  In high school, Christopher was once called out by his Grade 11 English teacher for his lack of effort in her class. She told him, "I know you can write. Why won't you?" To which Christopher recalls telling her, "Because you're not giving me anything I want to write about. Give me something I want to write about and I'll write you a novel." 

She has seen the book, and says she's proud of him. Now if only we could go back and adjust those English marks!